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Charcoal BBQs for sale in Melbourne

If there’s one benefit that charcoal cooking has over other methods, it’s the rich, smoky flavours that it produces. It might take considerably longer to cook than with gas, but it’s absolutely well worth the wait. If flavour is more important to you than speed and you’re looking for a quality charcoal BBQ in Melbourne, be sure to check out the selection available to buy at Melbourne Outdoors. Our experienced staff will help you select a model that perfectly meets your needs and fits within your budget.

Benefits of charcoal

Aside from the major flavour advantage, there are numerous other benefits to choosing a charcoal BBQ from Melbourne Outdoors. They are cheaper than gas barbeques and far more portable, enabling you to take the BBQ with you to the park, the beach or on your camping trip. These BBQs will also produce a greater level of heat than a gas cooker; perfect for steak eaters who love nothing more than a crispy, caramelised exterior around a juicy, tender piece of meat.