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Chocolate creamstone table


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  • Details
  • Specs
    • Chocolate Creamstone Tables
    • Fibreglass/resin ‘moulded in’ core
    • Aluminium ‘moulded in’ frame
    • Strong rust proof alumnium legs
    • Authentic stone look and character


    Marmostone tables, although new to Australia, have achieved great popularity and considerable sales success in Europe over the last decade.

    The Marmostone manufacturing process involves moulding a mix of finely ground Granite and Resin (about 75/25). There is also a ‘moulded in’ core of fibreglass/resin sheet that gives great strength and stability and onto which black powder coated aluminium legs are bolted.

    The authentic stone look and character of the table is enhanced by the stone surface texture and colours and application of contrasting grout. As with Naturalstone, application of a UV resistant sealant provides water resistance, significant stain resistance, and long life.

  • Height 55
    Width 44
    Depth 55

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