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Costa flat top charcoal spit


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  • Dimensions: 1200mm (W) x 500mm (D) x 500mm (H) 
    304 Grade Stainless Steel 

    The family favourite. Cook up a traditional feast and enjoy the full flavour and fun of entertaining for your whole family and friends with a Tucker stainless steel spit roast.
    These heavy duty spits are made for years of enjoyment. Designed to take anything from a whole lamb to butts of beef.
    You will love it and so will your family and friends.
    Spit Features
    Stainless steel lockable castors.
    Adjustable height stainless steel skewer rod shaft as the coals burn.
    Powerful 3 rpm electric motors for up to 30kg of weight with auto reverse if motor gets jammed.

    Solid 304 grade stainless steel prong, mid brace, and leg brace.

    Optional hot plates and grills transform the spit so it can be used as a traditional charcoal barbecue.
    Easy to clean body made totally from stainless steel.
  • Height 55
    Width 44
    Depth 55

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